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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Emitations Canada

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Compare Emitations Canada with others Merchants is a really cool company. They are based in San Diego, California and they create a wonderful line of faux jewelry based on the latest trends in celebrity and cubic zirconia jewelry. That's right, you get to wear copies of the same jewelry that your favourite stars wear! And, at low prices. They are very Canadian friendly and ship free to Canada (usually for a minimum order of $75). This website is just fun to use! You can shop based on a celebrities names and see what they are wearing. It's like a celebrity fashion magazine but you can actually afford to buy from it. Please be aware, you are not buying the original piece of jewelry. You are buying high quality replica/copy. There are also many great deals to be had every day. We love this site and we think that you will too!

Conflict-Free Diamond Policy:
All stones are hig quality replicas - no real stones are sold.

US Dollar

Shipping Info:
Emitations Canada ships to Canada from the USA

Emitations ships your jewelry using the U.S. Postal Service and Canada Post

Free Canada 14 Day Shipping (orders over $75.00) (no tracking)
14 Day Canada Shipping - $5.99 (no tracking)
10 Day Canada Priority - $24.99 (with tracking)
5 Day Canada Express - $34.99 (with tracking)

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Return Policy
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Canadian Diamonds
No - all diamonds are faux diamonds (high quality replica diamonds)


Cleaning And Servicing

Gift Box and Packaging
Wide selection of beautiful gift boxes - at an extra fee.

Payment Methods
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Google Checkout, Paypal (Emitations reserves the right to require a PayPal payment )